3 Uncommon Types of Roofing Shingles

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Central Texas Roofing

Are you interested in having a unique look for your home or business? One of the largest visual areas of your home is your roof, and so choosing stand-out roofing products can have a big impact. Fortunately, top manufacturers, GAF and...

Metal Roofing Austin: FAQs

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Metal Roofing

Want to give your home or business more curb appeal? Maybe you like the funky and chic style of metal roofing in the Austin area? Even if you love the look, you may have some questions about whether metal roofing in Austin is the best choice.  


How Dimensional Shingles Add Value to a Home

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Shingle Types, Dimensional Shingles


As any real estate agent knows, the first impression of a home is often the selling point. While paint and landscaping are often the first things people think of when trying to enhance curb appeal, the roof of a home is actually its most...

Central Texas Metal Roofing: Improve the Resale Value of Your Home

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Metal Roofing, Central Texas Roofing

Have you noticed the increase in metal roofs on homes in the Austin area? Although metal roofing has been around since the 1700s, until recently, asphalt or wood shingles have been the most common roofing material in Texas.  

Here are...

How Longhorn Roofing Works With Austin-Area Real Estate Agents

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Real Estate

A primary concern for people buying homes is the condition of the roof. Longhorn Roofing has been in business in Central Texas for over 30 years and after roofing more than 10,000 homes, we are a roofing contractor that's trusted by many...

The Benefits of Roof Ventilation

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Austin Roofing Contractors, Roof Ventilation

Ever gone into your attic and wondered if the items you are storing up there like Christmas decorations or family mementos might be damaged by the intense heat? You may not realize it but roof ventilation is particularly important in Central...

Austin Roofing Experts

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Austin Roofing Contractors, Central Texas Roofing

Are you concerned about the condition of your roof? Maybe you've recently been hit by a Central Texas storm -- or perhaps you know that your roof is old? At this point, maybe you're able to see the wear or have a leak that is staining your...

10 Common Austin Roofing Problems

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Roofing Austin

Are you worried about your roof?  Maybe you notice some damage or even have a leak.

10 Questions to Ask When Selecting an Austin Roofing Contractor

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Austin Roofing Contractors

Choosing a roofing contractor is a big decision. Your roof protects your biggest investment, your house.

Composition & Metal Roofing - Austin

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Metal Roofing, Composition Roofing

Your roof is, arguably, the most important outside surface of your home -- integral for its overall protection.